Area of activity

Our activities contribute to sustainable growth through the energy transition and the circular economy

• Renewable energy and energy efficiency

• Waste valorisation

• Considering the challenges of water cycle management

Renewable energy and Energy efficiency

Projects contributing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (cogeneration, bioenergy, biomass, heat recovery).

Chaudière à combustion renouvelable
Boiler with renewable combustion
Efficacité énergétique
Energetic efficiency

Projects contributing to reduce landfill waste dumping (waste recycling and material recovery, energy generation from waste, use of recovered solid fuels and by-products).

Biogaz issu de déchets organiques
Biogas from organic waste
Valorisation organique et thermique de déchets solides
Organic and thermal recovery of solid waste
Tri/recyclage avec production de CSR
Sorting and recycling with production of SRF

Projects to save water and to promote preservation of aquatic environments (wastewater treatment for industrial effluents, industrial processes, treatment, recycling of wastewater).

Production eau process avec recyclage
Water production process with recycling