PEARL is supported by several key strategic investors. Our investors share our vision of global issues, and have therefore entrusted the PEARL management team with specific funds, which are dedicated to the dual objective of financial performance and contribution to the environmental and energy transition.

Investment Bank

A leading partner and one of the first investors in the PEARL fund, the EIB plays a vital role in the bank financing of our projects by virtue of its mandate and activities.

« The EIB, a European Union bank, has made the fight against climate change one of its main strategic priorities. The creation of the PEARL fund serves as a reminder that public and private investors must join forces to generate the funding required for energy transitions ».

Caisse des Dépôts
et Consignations
(Deposits and Consignments Fund)

One of PEARL’s most important strategic partners, the Banque des Territoires can provide both equity and debt financing on projects .

« The Banque des Territoires wanted to play a greater part in the environmental and energy transition taking place in the water industry, as well as in waste management and recovery. As a strategic investor in the fund, the Banque des Territoires will therefore accelerate the pace of its investments to support the transformation of environmental infrastructures and promote a better use of resources »

Philippe Leroy, Director of Investment in the Energy and Environmental Transition at the Banque des Territoires

Edmond de Rothschild

A vital PEARL partner with a long-standing role in European infrastructures, exemplified by the BRIDGE infrastructure debt fund, Edmond de Rothschild is involved with senior and mezzanine debt.

« Our Group has a long-term interest in European infrastructures. In line with our convictions and expertise, our initiative with PEARL Infrastructure aims to provide sustainable support for companies working towards better resource management, thereby allowing them to increase their competitiveness ».

Johnny El Hachem, CEO d’Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity