Our vocation is to support the stakeholders in the energy and environmental sector, by investing majority equity in projects in Europe in order to address the challenges posed by the Environment and Energy Transition and the Circular Economy.

As a response to the global challenge of general interest which requires significant financing needs and increasing technicality, PEARL Infrastructure Capital provides a financing solution based on a  dual partnership:

A balanced mix of institutional and private public investors, including the European Investment Bank, the Banque des Territoires, which provides concrete and local solutions to a global problem.

A complementary partnership between a management team from the energy industry and environmental utilities sector – 50% of whom have an engineering background – with excellent knowledge of the markets and technology, and the Edmond de Rosthschild Private Equity platform, composed of Private Equity specialists.

Our added value

PEARL provides comprehensive financing solutions with a focus on partnerships thus avoiding contributing to the financialisation of these global issues.

« We provide real added value when designing the financing for these new infrastructures, thanks to our experience and our technical, economic and financial knowledge of the sector and environmental utilities projects.  »

Jean-Christophe GUIMARD
Partner – CEO