Biomass cogeneration

Green Valley Energie is a biomass cogeneration plant under construction located in Golbey in the Vosges region (France), with a capacity of 25 MW electrical and 100 MW thermal.

The plant will use approximately 230,000 tons/year of recycled wood (class B wood), collected in Eastern France, as well as 20,000 tons/year of residues from Norske Skog Golbey’s industrial process, a leading newsprint production facility which will also consume the bulk of the renewable thermal energy produced.

Green Valley Energie will be the largest cogeneration plant of its kind in France, producing 200 GWh of electricity per year and more than 700 GWh of renewable heat, generating CO2 savings of 210,000 tons per year and producing electricity equivalent to the consumption of over 13,000 homes.

Environmental impacts Units Annual basis Asset lifetime 
Renewable electrical energy   MWhe 198 000 7 920 000
Renewable thermal energy   MWth 705 500 28 220 000
Avoided emissions  tCO2 213 000 8 520 000
Biomass sourcing: regional waste wood
Social impacts Units Headcount
Direct jobs related to operations FTE 35
Direct jobs related to the biomass supply chain  FTE 265
Direct jobs in industrial activities maintained FTE 455
Population served with electricity Households 37 600